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This You Must Not Do While Facing That Painful Challenge

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This You Must Not Do While Facing That Painful Challenge

admin April 11, 2019

I’ll not waste your time on this. You must not curse God or say a word against the Holy Spirit when you are undergoing life trials and temptations. It is the worst action to take in that your situation my dear friend.

It has become a kind of fad for young people on social media platforms to denounce God and summarily strip Him of His place in their lives over one painful life heart-wrenching experience or challenge. It breaks my heart reading such in some friends’ bio data on social media spaces. It still doesn’t mean God will as a result of your foolishness forsake you, no, he is that merciful. He wants something good for you out of your immediate predicament.

I want you to know that whenever a challenge comes your way like some immovable mountain, some insurmountable one at that, take a cue here that God your maker is about to take you to your next level in life. This is not the type of next level humans of fallible equipment can offer you, but when you hold on even in the face of that daunting challenge, God will see through your implicit trust in Him and come to your aid and make things easier on you.

A life devoid of challenge is no life whatsoever.

Embrace your pains and work them through your faith in God to your advantage. 


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