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Question And Answer Session – On Unhelpful Husband

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Question And Answer Session – On Unhelpful Husband

admin May 23, 2019


I want to appreciate you on all the advises you have given people on your blogging platform. I want to know what you make of a man who has remained bitter for three years after losing his job and has refused to go in search of another. Not that he is educated, but he is an artisan with skills in masonry and electrical wiring which got him the job in a building company in the first place.

We have three children and I have been the one bearing the huge financial burden of keeping our family going on my paltry teaching salary. I can’t continue with his unhelpfulness and feeding his lazy ass. I’ve cajoled him, prayed with and for him, but to no avail. I intend to take him up at the Social Welfare. I’ve had it up here!


There are new buildings springing up all around Nigeria and he wouldn’t want to be part of the men fetching all that money into their homes! I daresay he’s resentful and the fact that he lost a white-collar job pisses him off the more.

He is able-bodied but refusing to use his legs and hands and commonsense to do the needful is inexcusable! What hianity! He’s simply lazy and only forcing him to appear before the Social Welfare will reset his brains into being useful to you and the family.

On the strength of that, keep on praying for him and never stop from using the threat of involving the office of Social Welfare to show him how serious you are. Your children can’t live off your income alone.

I wish you all well. 


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