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See What Has Become Of The Boy-Child Accused Of Wizardry

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See What Has Become Of The Boy-Child Accused Of Wizardry

admin May 18, 2019
there’s hope in that your situation
your joy will never cease
no matter how dark your night was, there will always be joy in the morning
Now, you know there is God!

You remember him?

It was in 2016 when our timelines on Facebook were hit by the shocking image of a child less than two years with symptoms of kwashiokor written all over his frail body.

This is Hope, the boy is now 3-year-old. He is a Nigerian boy accused of witchcraft in 2016 by his parents who abandoned him to fates by throwing him into the streets.

He was rescued by a Danish woman named Anja Ringgren, who is married to a Nigerian.

That same wizard that almost killed his parents is now a big boy and yet to kill his adopted parents.

Now, no one should convince you that there is no God in that your situation. Keep on trusting in God, your depression is not from Him. Don’t give up on hope and on yourself.


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