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This Is How To make Your ‘Fear’ Beautiful On You


This Is How To make Your ‘Fear’ Beautiful On You

admin May 13, 2019

This is crazy in a dreadful manner. LOL!

The kind of fear I’m talking about here is the one backed by an admixture of optimism and pessimism. A dreadful place to find oneself! It leaves your heart palpitating and ready to depart your body through your mouth that you fear not to open your mouth carelessly. It makes you taciturn that you can ill-afford to share this fear of yours with anyone.

You move about with butterflies in your stomach, yet you are able to properly retain your head in the clouds. Such a beautiful dreamer that you are! You permit your optimism to battle your fear of ‘what ifs’ to save you from becoming such a wreck of a pessimist.

And now to understand my drift much clearer, you are on the edge of having your breakthrough in life. At last! And suddenly, you start losing your nerves. You have this great sense of foreboding chirping off your sense of optimism. You are not too sure again of the possibility of you becoming the success you have always worked hard at achieving. This devastates you.

You are at that point when you don’t know how it will end. You are completely ignorant and clueless of how your breakthrough could come to you without you seeing it coming. In short, you doubt if it will ever come.

Then your mind’s UPS goes into an overdrive. You start generating possible alternatives as palliatives to keep you on track and stop your fragility from the possibility of your fear gaining the upper hand. You wouldn’t want to be caught off guard when the ‘shit’ of your fear hits the fan. That is you being careful by building a Plan B should your Plan A gets screwed. 

At this juncture, you have succeeded in armoring yourself against your fear becoming an eventuality.

Now, that is how to make your fear feel so good on you as you alone know the raging battle on the inside which fortunately enough, you alone can douse.


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