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This Is What God Enjoys Most With Humanity

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This Is What God Enjoys Most With Humanity

admin May 4, 2019

Believe you me, God loves it best when we get into a game of hide and seek with him. Are you in doubt with me on this! Ok!

If your earthly father could engage you on such a game until you have come of age, our heavenly Father enjoys it as his hobby until we die of old age. Can you see the difference here?

But why would he prefer we get down with him on this game of ‘Hide and Seek’ you are likely asking?

Because he loves it most when we diligently seek him even when things are daunting and life filled with challenging issues of life. He wants you to know that you are not alone.

Therefore, I encourage you to engage him today on his favorite pastime and begin to reap the enormous benefits.

Love you!


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