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Why Your Parents Can Blackmail You Into Accepting The Shit That They Are

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Why Your Parents Can Blackmail You Into Accepting The Shit That They Are

admin May 13, 2019

Every parent remains awe-inspiring to their children especially to their male children. A son loves his mother unconditionally even when he loves his wife conditionally. A daughter treasures her mother knowing that the certainty of omugwo and all the joy it brings lies on the nature of her relationship with the mother.

This natural filial love exists from the birthing of these children to their adulthood until the father – always the father – starts playing a role of the Wrath of God like he is some Thunder.

As every human being reserves the supreme right to preserve their privacy and dictate how much of their parents’ shit they will tolerate, these adult children will have to call him to order by calling his bluff. There is not much this father, this mother would do than to lick his/her wounded ego in peace and begin to look for means to rubbish their heady adult children who they have suddenly lost their power to control.

Of course, it will not be easy on these adult children when they lack complete independence from their parents. This is where mothers excel. If she is evil, she’ll come in and manipulate the adult children to her advantage.

Father – 0

Mother – 100

Fathers being as adamant and egoistical wouldn’t condescend to being humble enough to the level of pleading their children’ forgiveness. They see it as beneath them begging their children to be kind on them. Mothers at this stage will become more caring and loved-up with their adult children for their selfish interest and to continue to have these adult children tied to their apron-string albeit unnoticed. A look at how Cookie made Jamal his favorite son dump Freda Gathers for an artiste Stacee in his upcoming album launch betrays this in the Series Empire. She wouldn’t want Freda Gathers anywhere near her precious son without him knowing why she opted for such an unfair decision.

Village People – 100

Fathers – 0

Zero goes to the fathers again.

This type of father is financially independent and definitely doesn’t need his children money, but dies on the inside when all the care and attention from his children go to his wife and mother of his children. He becomes bitter and rancorous, more unfriendly, thereby making his already bad position in the family messier.

He wouldn’t know that none of his children hates him only that he never planted this seed of love in his children in their growing-up and now would want to reap what he never sowed.

Now, let me run you in on why these adult children can sit back and have themselves made to take shit from their parents. They are as follows:

  • You need their money
  • They play you in their unhealthy game of rivalry which favours your selfish interest too
  • You still want to believe they will change
  • You still stand to learn one or a few more things about adult life from them
  • And finally, you are indifferent to their shit and not at the receiving end of their foolery.

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