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Spiritual Spouse – Myth Or Reality?


Spiritual Spouse – Myth Or Reality?

admin June 18, 2019

Life being what it is – not being fully comprehensible – humans have come up with an apt tag for anything beyond their understanding. They call such myths. We have read great many fables and enjoyed the mythological add-ons that serve as embellishments in such stories.

When one looks at the supernatural occurrence of having invincible hands squeezing dear life out of him while taking especially, an afternoon nap, and you see yourself struggling with this powerful demon out to end your life, and not until you shouted “Jesus!” would you realize that you had missed dying by the whiskers. When you eventually open your eyes to take in your environment, you’ll realize that there is a wall gecko hanging on the ceiling over your head. you see you have become enervated and totally weak. You’ll eye this wall gecko while it lazily saunter away.

Crazy, I know you’ll say! But it is as real as life and death.

Spiritual spouse exists. It is not a myth, only that it is top-notch supernatural and works the minds of people living with such resident demon in them to the belief that all is well with them.

It is a demon that wouldn’t let a wife be submissive to her husband. It is what pushes some women to promote feminism which seeks equality with men when it is not supposed to be so. What the Bible wants from men is love for their wives just like Jesus Christ loved the Church that he gave his life for it.

Spiritual wive would cause a man to go out and spend his hard-earned wages on strange women only for him to drop as little as #500 for the wife to prepare a pot of soup with for a family of five.

It makes people this demon is resident in them look forward to having sex in their dreams and therefore cause them to deprive their spouses sex.

Spiritual spouse is a major cause of divorce and separation as it steals affection for one’s real life spouse.

Only through prayer of deliverance can this audacious demon be exorcised from married couples it has bedeviled.


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