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Has The Power Of Love Ever Made You Shed Tears?

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Has The Power Of Love Ever Made You Shed Tears?

admin July 16, 2019

Yes! But actually, it is not the love I have for my lover that causes me heartaches that resulted in me shedding tears, rather, it is his excesses when he willfully goes out of his way to hurt me and whenever my mind dwells on these misgivings of my loved one, I come to that point where I lose it and only tears are my best emotional way of relieving the tension already caused me. Love is the only thing that has been sustaining my relationship, if not; I would’ve worked myself into working out a revenge mission that would pay my partner back in good coin. But whenever he asks my forgiveness, I’m always willing to oblige him. I also have my own weaknesses that he put up with. The fact that he is a man does not mean he feels no pains when I hurt him, you know us women have our power in our tongue. Not many men would tolerate us, but yes, my love has made me shed both tears of joy and tears of pain.


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