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Why You Should Leave Your Parents Before Thirty

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Why You Should Leave Your Parents Before Thirty

admin July 16, 2019

Oops! You have no reason to be a burden to your parents at this age. It is expected that by your 24th birthday that you have left home to live on your own. At 30, your parents are already pensioners, so why would you want them to die before their time simply because you have misinterpreted their love for you for best wishes for you? No my dear! Or perhaps, you are so dumb you are yet to decipher their implied insults that you have come of age. Your father for one will always sound like, “When I was your age, I’ve already married your mother.”

My guy, respect yourself as your parents have respected you enough. Go and find something to do and stop farting excuses. The party of ‘thanks mum and thanks dad’ after every meal is over. God did not sentence them to a life of servitude slaving for you and your upkeep.


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