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You Be Proud…You Be Humble – Any Double Standards?

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You Be Proud…You Be Humble – Any Double Standards?

admin July 11, 2019

Many a times, you have been advised to be proud of who and what you are in life.

As someone struggling against life’s strong tides as you climb the ladder of success, while complaining to loved ones how this ‘ADULTING’ life is a scam, you’ll hear these friends and family telling you to be thankful and in the same vane proud of your modest achievement(s). They will quickly point out certain mates of yours they feel you have achieved more than them. This is to make you calm the heck down. Yes. It has its mental help to you, but it is not enough.

You’ll buy the idea of being proud because it helps you keep your head above the waters, but then again, these same people that herded you into becoming proud will be the ones to tell you to learn to be humble. This gets you riled up and confused.

It’s all good. This is so because many of us do not know that there is a thin line between putting up a proud outlook on things eating you up on the inside and arrogance. Your usual outlook of pride turns quickly to arrogance to people who feel threatened by your cocksure appearance and emotional intelligence with which you dispatch your ‘adulting’ life challenges.

Heavens permit you become successful after holding on in the face of life’s perfidies, whatever you do and say as a proudly-defeating-life’s-challenges-person will be seen as arrogance.

Just take it in your stride and keep living. It’s one of the challenges of our existence. All you needed do is to be conscious of when you come-off as arrogant and when you are humble.

It looks like people are playing double standards with you and playing on your emotions, but I want you to know that it has always been like that with humans.

Just be yourself and have it at the back of your heart that Matthew 5:5 is your portion.

Keep living!


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