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Cheap Things Are Expensive After All

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Cheap Things Are Expensive After All

admin August 19, 2019

Hmm! I have tasted pain in the hands of traders who import into the country all manner of cheap and sub-standard goods. In this season of rain, I have had genuine cause to buy a pair of sneakers to enable me swim in the flood Lagos is famous for in a time like this. But a look into my means suggested I go about this impending miscellaneous expense with caution. I decided to settle for a made-in-China sneakers which go for N1,000 at Ikeja-Under Bridge by railway crossing. Having prized the UK-made pair of sneakers earlier, I felt this roadside market is perfect to meet my need in my season of need.

This pair of China-made sneakers lasted only two months. Now, I’ll have to spend money on the UK-made pair of sneakers. That is double spending on same need. It has cost me more. Cheap things come easy and are readily available, but add little value to living. At the end of the day, they are more expensive taste to maintain. I must have to step up to original. In Nigeria, it used to be original against substandard goods, but today, this battle is between original goods and china-made ones.

I wonder what the government of Nigeria is doing about this shot in the leg!


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