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How Fear Of Failure Motivate Some And Ruin Some

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How Fear Of Failure Motivate Some And Ruin Some

admin August 19, 2019

A lot has been said and written on FEAR.

Fear is said to be false evidence appearing real- adding up the initial letters of those words – gives you FEAR. LOL!

Alright! What has motivation got to do with fear? Motivation here has to do with that which powers one’s push to be and remain poor or beat poverty hands down. Who gets to beat poverty hands down is said to be rich. What and how he/she made their wealth is not the major thrust of this article.

What gives here is what the resultant end of one’s vow to not remain poor. Here, one’s ability to become rich is what motivates him/her.

When you take a look around you, you will discover to your consternation that poverty is the harbinger of most things bad that come upon humans. No one deserves to be poor in this life.

Many people out of fear of remaining poor have used the positive fear of poverty to break out of the chain of poverty. Some others have in desperate measures resorted to kidnapping, electronic mail fraud (yahoo-yahoo/419), ritual killings, harvesting of human organs and assassination as business to forcefully throw themselves out of the gripping clutches of poverty.

For one to be positively motivated to beat poverty in its own mean game, one has to be gainfully employed and/or engaged through entrepreneurial means. But for anyone to achieve their destined breakthrough in life, there is need to seek the face of God first before embarking on entrepreneurial quest, its reward /success. That way, you will not fall by the way side on your journey to break out of the clutches of poverty the type as seen in Nigeria.

On fear of failure motivating people negatively, so many people are deceived into believing that there are no grim consequences for embarking on blood-cuddling practices so as to make ends meet. So many of such persons ended up wealthy, but ended up living a sorry life of regret. They wallow in sorrow while they watch as people and things they used to hold dear die and dissipate until nothing is left to cheer them in life.

Any wealth that is ill-gotten breeds no joy and contentment. Therefore, choose wisely to break even in life using proper channels offered us in this life.


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