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Ufiejioku Festival: The Only Carnival Known To Ndigbo (In Pictures)

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Ufiejioku Festival: The Only Carnival Known To Ndigbo (In Pictures)

admin August 12, 2019

Enjoy the colourful pictures of the Ufiejioku festival/Carnival

the masquerades are usually the center of attraction to all
negotiation time and extortion
the beer parlours aint the cynosure of all eyes
no one cares if you are getting extorted by the masquerade
Women no longer fear the masquerades – opiakamkpala
Action time! Time to use the cane on one another…huge form of entertainment

The only thing I enjoy about this Festival I’ve come to know from my boyhood days is the sheer beauty of the masquerades. They go about with such appeal from everybody except the girls whose admirers use the mmanwu to intimidate by flogging them with such well-groomed kind of cane only used during the Ufiejioku Yam festival.

Its a festival, its a carnival and Ndi Igbo travel from far and near to enjoy the lovely sights amidst conviviality.

The only downside is the unbridled binging on revelry which has led to untimely deaths of our youth.

Ufiejioku Festival cum carnival is used to celebrate the Farming season with the king of crops – yam – as the main-eventer. This crop is brought to Igbo land by the CMS Missionaries who brought the Good News to our land. This brings to the downside about this particular festivity. It has to commence from the shrines of the Ufiejioku god where the date for this festival is selected and chosen.

I want to believe that someday, we will work with the Church on this so as to show God appreciation.


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