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Why Do Women Behave Like This?


Why Do Women Behave Like This?

admin August 6, 2019

We have all agreed that women are the weaker sex, but the rate at which women brainwash fellow women to do bad these days is not only alarming but disgusting.

It saddens me so much, but what can I do if not bring it to our notice.

I had the depressing opportunity of visiting a sick person in the hospital consistently for about six days now. Then, I have observed that this particular woman who is down with kidney-related disease (swollen legs and pale eyes) whenever she wants to put a call through to her husband who I’m yet to meet, would be courteous and loving, whereas, there’s this other sick woman whose bed is besides hers would always be harsh on phone with her husband.

Whenever this poor man comes to visit his wife, he will be kind to the kidney patient and this his wife will be all loving (surprisingly) and kind to the suffering man who suffers through the indignity of the choking red-tapism of the hospital management.

Today, this man comes back to stay with his sick wife and while trying to exchange pleasantries with the kidney patient, this woman ignored the man completely like he has offended her for betraying his cares.

Obviously, this man’s wife has talked the kidney patient into hating her own husband. Shocking to me. For a woman who honours her own husband now turning into despicing some other person’s husband because this foolish wife of this poor man talked her into doing that beats me.

Are women this fickle-minded that they get easily brainwashed or I’m just getting to realize that!


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