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Is Marriage Truly A Scam?


Is Marriage Truly A Scam?

admin September 26, 2019

This meme is kind of throwing a question at all of us who are practitioners of the marriage institution. What a challenge to us! Every married person can relate to this meme.

One thing I’ve come to understand about marriage is that it is not always that bad and not always too good. There are a lot of differences the two persons new in this business of marriage will have to contend with about the other until such time as they have an agreement that there is understanding spread between them for each other.

I want you to forget the social media hype many couples force down the throats of the uninitiated. Marriage is a beautiful thing, but doesn’t have to be built on fake life. It destroys the future of such people who pretend that all is utopia in marriage.

If we can be true to ourselves as we tend to be on social media, the home front will be a place of love, peace and understanding.


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