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Question And Answer Session On Marriage

Divorce And Marriage Relationships

Question And Answer Session On Marriage

admin September 15, 2019

Dear Aj,

I know this question of mine might sound a bit ‘somehow’, but nevertheless, I need your insightful submission on this.

Does marriage turn a man or woman into responsible person(s)?


I have heard it overtime being said that marriage turns one into a more responsible person. This is true because one has to have a sense of responsibility in him/her which the marriage institution polishes over time. Psychology tells me that one gets better with age. On the other hand, when a married person is irresponsible, nothing gets better as such a person uses the institution of marriage to embolden himself to be more audacious in his/her irresponsibility. This sense of responsibility has nothing on such a person.

This could be as a result of poor upbringing such a person had in the hands of her parents.

Marriage is said to make someone appear more responsible or responsible when there is love, sense of understanding, ability to make sacrifices for members of his/her nuclear family and many more.


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