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Shocking! Man Killed Himself Over Wife

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Shocking! Man Killed Himself Over Wife

admin September 25, 2019
Can you kill yourself over adultery?

There’s a dream come true. What a union, what a marriage, what a relationship,what a perfect match!

No one knows all the dots to sign and cross before taking that walk down the aisle with a spouse in their company. Life has made it that we hide the worst aspect of our life until those dotted lines are signed and sealed with ‘until death do us path’ adhesive.

Its when you begin to relax in your marriage by showing God the door that strange things will swamp your union and before you know it, things have spiraled out of one’s control.

The beautiful couple here is Ghanaian. The young man worked hard to make it to the United States of America and came back later for his family.

Their American Dream is finally happening and no longer a prayer point.

Then the young man is said to have come back home on that fateful day to meet his wife in the arms of a stranger receiving some steamy ministrations. He lost it and took his life.

He left behind a set of male twins and a daughter. The wife will definitely move on and he has gone to his maker to explain his shocking action over adultery.

Now, the question is if his action is worth taking in such a situation as catching his dear wife with her hand inside the cookie jar?


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