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Who Will Tell Governor Obiano

Nigerian Matters

Who Will Tell Governor Obiano

admin September 10, 2019

This failed pedestrian bridge on Onitsha section of Enugu/Onitsha Expressway by MCC Bus Stop has remained an uncompleted deathtrap and a tragedy we have all tried to pretend its not in making.

I’m quite sure the Anambra state Governor still ply this same road where the need for such a bridge has remained number one priority for the Main Market traders who live on the other side of the expressway in Awada part of the city for many years. Now, it looks like a Greek gift that will soon have the blood of Anambra people sacrificed on the bizarre infrastructure..

Please let us all spread this by sharing it until the Governor sees the disaster-in-waiting.

Can you imagine such a dereliction!
…brave but ignorant pedestrians use this failed project while the careful ones expose themselves to the dangers of the highly busy Trunk A Road by avoiding it

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