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Bitter Feminism: Why Some Women Embrace It These Days

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Bitter Feminism: Why Some Women Embrace It These Days

admin October 18, 2019

I want to start by appreciating God and my parents whom he used in sending me through all levels of education. History has been fair enough to have taught me that feminism has different brands these days in a country like ours.

Let me tell you something, you see that 1929 Aba Women Riot that is what feminism should be and not the tacky stuff some women are hell-bent on stuffing down our throats all in the name of emancipation. Emancipation from what! Patriarchy they say.

This life is not man’s creation, and therefore, man has no case to answer here. We have toxic masculinity to contend with but instead, these boring feminists who cry same charges against men call men names to feel better from the much heartache men caused them which they contributed to in the first instance as a result of their poor sense of judgment when making choices for their relationship male personalities.

I’ve heard that men are scum and other uglier stuff these end-time feminists force a lot number of impressionable women to imbibe as the standard in this fight-to-finish with men.

Eschew bitterness and be healed

In this fight, I want women to understand that the battle is needless as they have nothing on Patriarchy. Patriarchy is biblical and nothing will change that.

If your brand of feminism is not to help the lot of women live better in a man’s world, then you will end up frustrated in life. Take it, or you leave it!

In my little research, I have found out the following to be the reasons why these end-time feminists on social media are out to ruin many more families in the name of fighting a justifiable war against men:

  1. These end-time feminists are lazy and go about with a mountain of erroneous mindset that men are their problem.
  2. My undergraduate Professor pointedly submitted that these end-time feminists suffer from what he terms “penis envy”. They wish they were men instead. They crave what men are endowed naturally with. That becomes the beginning of a frustrated life for such women.
  3. These end-time feminists despise correction. They challenge even God over what St. Paul wrote in Ephesians 5: 22. Verse 21 of same chapter they find more appealing not knowing that Paul meant love of reciprocity in this verse.
  4. They lack real love for men.
  5. They are heady, unyielding and non-submissive.

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