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Find Out What Is In Your Name


Find Out What Is In Your Name

admin October 16, 2019

Forgive me if I come short of your expectations in this regard.

Name is our first means of identification which differentiates one from another in the areas of nationality, race and demography.

Without wasting more of your time, the only thing in your name is AMEN!

That is why in Igbo land, it is said that, “agu a onye afa, chi ya analu.” Whenever a child is given a name, his god accepts him based on that name. On the other hand, as soon as a child’s new name is pronounced in church on his baptism, the members present rent out a chorus of AMEN!

But a situation whereby you found out your name is working against you fulfilling your destiny, you have every right to adapt a name to change to so as to suit your destiny.

AMEN is in your name!


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