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Reasons Why One’s Death/Burial Is More Prominent Than His Birth

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Reasons Why One’s Death/Burial Is More Prominent Than His Birth

admin October 16, 2019

In Igboland, births and death/burial are not the same. One supersedes the other.

Find the reasons below:

  1. When one is birthed, it is a known fact that a human being has been assigned his/her assignments on earth. These assignments are yet to be carried out. Therefore, peradventure this child dies before fulfilling his/her destiny, there would be nothing worth celebrating at the end of their stay in life owing largely to death seen here as the end. After life doesn’t count.
  2. When a child is birthed, only few people get to herald his/her birth. On the day of his death, the news spreads like harmattan fire in a thick forest. Then again, on the day of their burial, there will be more people to bid them goodbye.
  3. This child alone did the wailing and crying alone on the day of his/her birth unlike on the day of their death when you’ll not find a few teary faces mourning their departure.
Professor Chinua Achebe’s burial

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