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The Best Biblical Text On Child Upbringing

Child Upbringing

The Best Biblical Text On Child Upbringing

admin October 2, 2019

It has become fashionable for today’s parents to shamelessly showcase their acutely poor parenting skills publicly.

They would want all to know that their career(s) is in the way of giving their children the best of all which is good moral upbringing. To them, giving their children good time is spending money on them and allowing them have their say in most things about life’s ways.

In my study of the word of God, I came across this text which gives more bite to another good text on child upbringing as found in Proverbs 13: 24 and 23:13.

If you care enough for the future of your children, you will firm up and discipline them accordingly when they err, but to do otherwise means you hate your children.

Being a parent is a great opportunity given us to nurture a destiny and life. From the foregoing, the best bible text on child upbringing is found in Proverbs 29: 17.

In this verse, God guarantees us an old age spent in peace of mind simply because we went through the pains of rasing godly children who will be a delight to our souls when we have grown old and in need of peace of mind.

Failure to correct our children when they go astray on the basis that they will acquire knowledge of life’s truths when they come of age will cause them to derail and bring us to shame except where God’s grace decides otherwise.

NOTE: Read also Proverbs 19: 18


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