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What You Ought To Know About Baby-boy Lifestyle

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What You Ought To Know About Baby-boy Lifestyle

admin October 18, 2019

Oh! How we always love the good things of life!

Just tell me, no, point out to me who doesn’t crave the good things of life more so when they are on a slow grind while we search them out!

Between the age 15 and 23, most boys and girls live a life of fantasy that always end up delaying their success in life. This is a life lived with their heads buried in Planet Utopia. Time is spent on daily basis dreaming with eyes closed while reclining in bed instead of waking up to the harsh realities of such School of Hard Knocks we occupy in this part of the world. At this stage, such parents with such fire burning in them would be overheard shouting themselves hoarse just so heaven will bear them witness that they do not fail in this all-important divine responsibility given them. Some unfortunate parents who prefer this baby-boy lifestyle would choose the ostrich approach to child upbringing because, to them, “I don’t need the hassles of raising these kids lest I die before my time.”

You have to earn your baby-boy lifestyle

This baby-boy lifestyle can be lived while one is living a sheltered life under their parents’ roof. Keeping up with it even after university education, the time it is assumed you have experienced life outside such a sheltered life, will result to systematic breakdown of one’s psychological growth as an adult that has such stern responsibilities staring him in the face, eyeball to eyeball.

Forget the joke some people put out on social media when they jokingly cry, “I’m not doing again! This adult life is such a pain where the sun doesn’t shine. I want my mother!!!”

AT some stage in their lives, either their parents denied the lessons inherent in acquiring their individual experiences which are said to be the best teacher or they had refused to imbibe all that their parents taught and sneered at experience life had graciously thrown their way.

Baby-boy lifestyle is a life of glamorized laziness. Such fake life of window-dressing! That’s why I always look at such glamour on unrestrained display on social media with that knowing bemusement. Who are these people trying to impress? Who are they now going to destroy with such a bloody display of wealth on social media?

Face your face – destiny – and work hard, life of baby-boy is not for them who are walking up a mountain in a country like Nigeria or elsewhere.


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