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Revealed! Why Nigerian Celebrities Diss Their Fans

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Revealed! Why Nigerian Celebrities Diss Their Fans

admin November 13, 2019

This comeuppance is the fad with most of our local stars in Nigeria today. This is so because they never knew they would be this successful. They knew they would have a break from poverty someday, but not this successful with a big bang. Not in their wildest imagination! No! Therefore, they turn back to look down on members of their former constituency. No one should remind them of their past.

These men and women of their former constituency they begin to see as nuisance. Poverty is a disease our stars wouldn’t want to be diagnosed with ever again. Every relic of reminders of their yester-years’ hustling and sufferings is either distanced from or hacked to death and buried in shallow grounds.

So don’t come any near reminding a star how much you made him/her. It is a taboo Nigerian stars frown upon with much disgust. You are finally truly warned. This warning serves as a notice to all the die-hard star-struck fans of uppity celebrities of Nigerian mould.


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