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Christmas Shopping: How My Mom Tamed That Burden

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Christmas Shopping: How My Mom Tamed That Burden

admin December 30, 2019

As children, we (my siblings and I) always looked forward to our ‘Christmas clothes’ with such dreamland delight and expectations. The Christmas day December 25th is a day we put our season’s special clothes on and left for church in a haste to go show off the beautiful us to the rest of the gleefully looking world.

For me especially, it was my best high. Having to show off to my friends my mother’s great eye for the best. My mom usually would go down to Onitsha Main Market and purchase our Christmas wears before the craze of Christmas rush-hour shopping took hold of the rest of the residents and others coming from outside the city.

Then the worst happened or so it appeared to my young mind. My mom had put to bed the baby of the family and most of her monies went into offsetting hospital bills. One thing became clear to me. There’d be no Christmas wears for us.

My mom shared this bad news with us and I shed hot tears. Of all things to deny me…my Christmas wear. Noooo!

On the day of Christmas, i realized to my chagrin that I had outgrown most of my previous Christmases wears. I sulked to church that year in a pair of old trousers and shirt and soon lost myself playing with friends while the service was going on. I was only ten.

Then come January, my mom had recovered fully. What did she do about my Christmas wear! She went down to the famous Onitsha Main Market and bought us cute clothes at much cheaper rates than the hyped prices of Christmas’ great demand on goods and services.

Sometimes, it pays to get to the market earlier in the year like January or later in the year like in September to save cost of buying these clothes our children cannot do without.

This is my mom’s panacea to wastefulness that this season brings.


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