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The Best Time To Have Sex Chat With Your Children

Child Upbringing

The Best Time To Have Sex Chat With Your Children

admin January 7, 2020

The time I was fifteen was the first time I overheard my classmates discussing girls and their genitalia. I found it both amusing and disgusting. Disgusted at the way these boys in my classroom were ridiculing the female anatomy. Amused because it was something that had engaged my mind as a normal teen/male.

My parents had never deemed it fit to have any reasons to strike up such a topic with a smart teen like me. Sexually, I was quite green behind my ears.

Such innocent curiosity is no more these days. With the advent of android phone which parents of this generation’s teens provide them with, sex has been unmasked thereby leading these young ones to experiment with sex to their detriment most of the time. If I had experimented based on what I learnt from my classmates many years ago, I would’ve destroyed not only my destiny but many girls’ destinies.

Sex education is a subject most parents fear raising as a topic of family discussion with the concerned teenagers. This fear has seen their fears leading to greater consequences for their teen children.

Young people these days start experimenting with sex as early as age eight for girls and twelve for boys.

The best time to start engaging our children on sex education is from age 8. It may sound awkward at the beginning, but the important thing is that a channel has been created to discuss such matters coming off sex and sexual relationships. As they grow in age and body mass and height, and in understanding, your choice of words and language for sex on sex education ought to change so that you wouldn’t sound ridiculous to your children, especially the teens among them.


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