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This Is The Interpretation Of Waka In Nigerian Context

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This Is The Interpretation Of Waka In Nigerian Context

admin January 22, 2020

Waka there!” Is how we were dropping it on people older than us who offended us the time we were young. It came with so much bile foaming out of our mouth for greater effect with our eyes throwing sharp objects the way of who offended us. Lol!

When you waka someone older than you the time your parents were around to save you from the ‘konk’ knock on your head, nothing gave so much joy. The joy remains exhilarating until your protectors were nowhere to be und and you remained on square one.

These days, older people use waka to incite one into getting into anything higher than fisticuff with them and bring one to public opprobrium in essence.

As a person with a future worthy of emulation, you should make room for people who will be envious of what you have achieved and learn to overlook such people who come into your life to upset the apples cart of your life so you will be mocked to death. No! You must not allow them have the last laugh at your expense. There is a way you’ll react to their waka that will turn the joke on them and you will still retain your sanity and good grace.

How is that gonna be possible!

It will be possible when you begin to see waka as a wave of goodbye from your hater and traducers whenever they do or say things to cause you react badly in a self-injurious manner.


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