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Why I Keep People At Arm’s Length

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Why I Keep People At Arm’s Length

admin January 7, 2020

Dear Reverend Aj,

Kindly keep my identity away from here.

Well, in going straight to what you asked me, to start with, I am an extroverted-introvert (if there’s anything like that).

The greatest thing I enjoy in my life and can do all within my abilities to guarantee its lifespan is my PEACE Of MIND. Some other persons may call it it MY SPACE.

I’ve binged on social lifestyle and have come out badly burnt by its bad and ugly. I still have my good friends though.

On how this concerns my present social life and my handling of humans who are not sensitive to my needs, I keep them at an arm’s length by not expecting much from them – seeing how fallible humans are – just little expectations from them so as to keep cordiality going so that they wouldn’t see me as a monster though. But you see that notion of spreading my arms and heart to them also, its not me you people will kill before my time biko.

Dey your own dey, let me maintain my lane!

My peace of mind is the real life inside life for me.

Thank you sir!


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