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Man Kills Self In Anambra While Trying To Kill Another


Man Kills Self In Anambra While Trying To Kill Another

admin March 4, 2020

You see this life, it is not ours to decide who will die and depart this beautiful world first.

This was how a middle-aged man lost his life in a bizarre manner over a dispute between him and his friend.

This shocking story occured in Nnewi in Anambra state days ago. What was the bone of contention! Sources reaching me revealed that the fight started over an insignificant thing as a wrap of igbo known as marijuana.

The victim had dropped his wrapped marijuana to go ease himself and on coming back, saw his friend smoking this same wrapped marijuana. This got the victim aggrieved and he ran inside his room and came out with a can of fire extinguisher.

Unfortunately, he ignorantly trained the mouth of the fire extinguisher on himself and triggered off the pin. The burst of trapped air hit him hard and by the time help could get to him, he had ceased from breathing.

What a sad loss!

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