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Police Is Your Friend: A Nasty Experience

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Police Is Your Friend: A Nasty Experience

admin March 30, 2020

Always teach your children to respect the men and women of the Nigerian Police while engaging in their social dalliance anywhere. No one is saying your wards shouldn’t come out of your residences simply because the guys in black don’t care sometimes whose ox is gored.

Just the other day, a policeman slapped out two of the front teeth of a twenty-three year old undergraduate of one of the new Christian universities who was in Lagos to reclaim his social life in the face of tough regimen in his school with its unyielding moral teachings. Children! Can we ever stop them from being themselves!

Yes, we can! As parents, all you have to do is be firm and tell your children the truths about their civic responsibilities while out there where your eyes couldn’t reach their activity. Back-up your teachings with your own living-by-example lifestyle and philosophy. It helps a great lot in harnessing your wards and turning them into great men and women of tomorrow’s Nigeria.

Our friend had been grooving from one joint to another on Allen Avenue in the company of his pretty wild-oats girlfriend whom it took him two weeks to achieve her attention and green light. He was obviously walking on air and doing things for his friends who he ran into in the various nightclubs and bars he patronized that fateful evening all in his bid to impress his new catch.

Between him and his girlfriend, they had helped themselves to the kind of high three bottles of Hennessey would only bequeath such a young couple.

So, when the cab they were cruising in was flagged down by a team of policemen at their checkpoint under Awolowo Bridge, he gave them the joy of his middle finger and that was when his problems started.

Actually, he was doing with his girlfriend what his parents didn’t teach him, obviously, inside the air-conditioned taxi when the yellow cab was flagged down. Within a twinkling of an eye, he had been dragged out of his luxurious cab with his pant trousers wailing off his waistline and his member as turgid as the pleasure it was receiving earlier. Slurring all through amidst hiccups, he gave the policemen another dose of his moral standing by doing the f-u-c-k-y-o-u thingy with his middle finger. That was when a heavy slap from a very angered policeman landed like a whip during harmattan across his face and he ended up with two of his precious teeth gone forever. it was when he started threatening the policemen with the son of whom he is that he was allowed to go.

Members of the Nigeria Police might be everything from good to evil, the more reason why as parents, we should always advice our wards to be wary of them by being as respectful to them as they can afford, as so many other youngsters have lost their dear lives while trying to engage them in some ructions.

I wouldn’t want my children fall into their hands for any wrong reasons. Let’s act fast and wise and accept it when they say they are our friends.


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