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What Ingratitude And Sense Of Entitlement Share In Common

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What Ingratitude And Sense Of Entitlement Share In Common

admin April 13, 2020

This vice that destroys people these days from the inside is planted in such host-human body by mostly their parents while they are young and growing up.

It starts with this angry bird known as SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT. As an upstart in life and young and all impressionable, you would always overhear your parents warring with one of your relations for being filthy rich and refusing to lend them a helping hand.


Because you are ill-knowledgeable about this thing called adult life and world, a hateful seed is already planted in your heart by your parents against such an unfortunate relation of yours who is ignorant of your anger and hate.

No trick works it best in protecting one’s parents from the anger of their children for not being fortunate in life by being as successful as the relation that has been accused of stealing the parents’ destiny and refusing to be of help in raising another couple’s children.

Your parents’ hands and other body parts are intact and healthy but because, they are lazy, someone has to take the rap for their sorry lives of passing the bulk.

If you are smart as a child, you get to stumble on your parents’ use of tool of hypocrisy in their relationship with this particular rich relation they have made you entitled to his wealth. Whenever they are around this rich relation, they will be genuflecting all over his behind beaming with plastic smiles that come from a place of anger and pretense.

Envy will set in in your heart against this rich relation of yours. You will begin to envy his seemingly easy life. You have been blind-sided from the fact that such relation works hard to earn his money and to cap it off, has his own challenges that steal his time and money.

When eventually during any of the festive periods, this rich relation comes back, and he gifts you anything, instead of you betraying a sense of gratitude, you will be filled with the entitled crap of anger sapping away what is left of your mental health. You’ll be like, “is this all he can give to me with all his wealth?”

Sorry, you are an ingrate! Just like the way your manipulative parents made you. Planting a wool on your little mind’s eye so you would not see that they are lazy and wicked.

There, I have said it. Ingratitude and sense of entitlement are two sides of a coin. That’s what they share in common and it isn’t right to have them anywhere in your life.

For every help given to you by anyone, try as much as possible profoundly show appreciation. That way, more will be given to you if you so believe it is best to be a RECEIVER than being a GIVER.

Nothing is bad with you becoming the rich relation your relations are entitled to his/her wealth.

Just get off your lazy ass and be the working workshop God has designed you to be and you will begin to gain traction of the lesson here.


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