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What To Do When Your Wife Challenges Your Authority

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What To Do When Your Wife Challenges Your Authority

admin April 1, 2020

Marriage is an institution ordained by God so that His injunction that we go fruitful and multiply on the surface earth would be carried out to the letter. This is the essence of marriage. But that is not all, mind you. The coming together of two persons from different backgrounds to start a family of their own is a miracle on its own. You – the individuals in a marriage situation – will have to ask yourself if you are ready to embark on this journey called MARRIAGE. Can two work together except they agree?

When you are sure that you want to always give resourceful leadership as the man and head of the family, then you will make room in your heart and life for the neck of the family to come in and fulfill her own obligations in your life and in the lives of the fruits of womb which would definitely come at God’s appointed time. There are well spelt-out responsibilities for a man and his wife in marriage. A man as it is the tradition in Nigeria will have to wait till he is rich enough or financially able to cater for his family before getting married so as not to fall foul of what is in the Bible where it is said that a man who cannot afford to provide for his family is worse than an infidel! Hmmm!

This is where most Bible-knowledgeable wives get it all wrong and embark on a war of attrition against their husbands. If a man who use to have money and perhaps loses his job due to job-cut in his place of work becomes incapable of providing for the family’s upkeep that is not enough to begin to challenge his authority as the head of the family. When the wife who finds herself suddenly in such a condition mentioned above is earning something from her own job, she has to be wise enough to understand that what her husband is going through has an expiry date. She has to oblige the husband by giving him all the necessary support to get him back on his feet again. Failure to do so could lead to every negative and unthinkable possibility. What happens if tomorrow comes and he is back in money! You have shown him you are not interested in him but his money which offers you human assurance. What would you say to God and to your husband when your marriage begins to suffer simply because you lack the prerequisite wisdom marriage institution requires? God forbid!

It doesn’t always follow this way, but a man who finds himself in a situation where his once submissive wife is beginning to challenge every of his once exclusive preserves simply because she is now the temporary breadwinner and uses awful words to kill her husband gradually, he should not resort to the use of his physical strength on his wife.

Wife battering is still a no-no in the sight of both God and man. So don’t even consider it as an option no matter the level of provocation. As a man, you should continue to show her love even when it is obvious she has discarded her vow on the day of the wedding of for-better-for-worse, and settles for her own knowledge, continue to love her. Nothing is greater than love – both physical and emotional show of love to such a wife is needed to win her over until God decides in His infinite wisdom to restore you to your financial status or even to higher grounds as a result for being steadfast in loving such a foolish wife.

Aside the above solution, you can always make it your responsibility to remember her in your prayers. There is no situation that God cannot give a turnaround touch. Fasting and prayer can do it for you. Don’t despise her, and please, mind you, nothing conquers such devil-inflicted situations on marriages like love. Love conquers everything.

Now don’t tell me you are yet to hear or read this in the Bible or in any literature! You can start by practicing that kiss to start things out with her again in front of your wall mirror. Laugh out loud!

Remember, God follows and comes into your marriage when you show Him you want Him back in your marriage and home.

I wish you lots of love in your marriage today.


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