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The Difference Between Falling In Love And Growing In Love


The Difference Between Falling In Love And Growing In Love

admin August 20, 2020

I dabble into this topic with so much carefulness knowing that what is sauce for the goose is most likely not going to be sauce for gander. This is so, knowing that love has many colourations as initiated by humans outside God’s plan and definition of love.

Love is not selfish. Love does not bear grudges. It does not keep malice. It forgives before sunset.

Today, love is got a coat of many colours put on it by children of the world. If you love me, you let me have a taste of you-let me eat your work.

Falling in love is a genuine expression of the emotion of attraction on the surface. It is seen as the first point of attraction between two consenting adults. It can emanate from one person and rubs off on the other after an expression of attraction is made open and known to the other. Some other times, it is spontaneous and engages the two persons on the spur of the moment to last them for the rest of their marriage.

Growing in love is building on all that you share in common with your betrothed. It entails engaging also with your betrothed in the most friendly manner his/her weaknesses. This becomes imperative knowing that no one is bereft of such garbage. Doing so will smoothen the rough ends in the lives of the two persons in a relationship that is altar-bound. It helps the relationship activate in-built emotional mechanisms that act as foundation to the relationship especially when challenges besiege this relationship of marriage institution.


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