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This Is The Major Reason People Are Entitled

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This Is The Major Reason People Are Entitled

admin August 20, 2020

In all of my dealings with people, I’ve come to understand that no generation is being weighed down like this generation and their seniors.

People in their thirties to twenties see themselves as fly and therefore go about with this sense of entitlement to everything they lay their eyes on.

Someone that you took as a son to and spent money, time and care on suddenly wakes up to insult you for not giving him what you own because you are a little bit under the weather financially. You have always been of help to this supposed

This behavior made one to cast mind back to why this estranged son should act entitled to what does not belong to him. You begin to remember the many times you had to bend backwards to meet up to his financial needs which you deemed genuine.

At long last, the spirit of God in you started ministering to you. Most of the times he had come to you for one favour or another, he was only trying to exploit your milk of kindness. Such disposition made him believe that whatever he could come up with would be met by you. He sees you as a father-figure who must be exploited. Such crass selfishness begins to manifest in his sense of entitlement. Remember that this young man is in no way related to you. He is not family. But you have spread your arms wide and welcomed him into your family.

Lies backed up by selfishness is the reason why someone that ought to be full of appreciation to you over your kindness to him/her is now sounding all annoying and entitled to your blessings.

What do you have to do with such a person! Pray to God over such a person to forsake his/her gross disposition. After which you counsel him/her to desist from being entitled to anyone’s possession as it runs against God’s commandment Exodus 20: 17. Not only that, spirit of entitlement breeds envy and envy is such a pervasion that can lead one into committing murder.

Be guided and stay away from such damnable spirit of entitlement.


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