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My Wife Has Attracted Curse To Our Family

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My Wife Has Attracted Curse To Our Family

admin January 26, 2021

The Counselor

Dear Rev Aj,

It is said in the Bible that a man should love his wife by providing for her and their children while a wife should at all times respect and honour her husband by being a responsible partner. My wife and I got married twelve years ago and now have three children. Our first-born is a girl and is only eleven years old while the last issue in the family is five years old. It happened that in late October 2009, my wife pulled out of our church for another church with our children without as much as discussing it with me at home. Now, our pastor has placed a curse on her. What am I to do now?



You will have to call her and ask for her reason for such a decision taken without your consent as the head of your family. This you shall do without anger but in love so that you can through such a medium defeat the enemy who may be at work here. Definitely, no matter her reason, you will surely get to the root of her rash decision. As for the curse, when her mind is calm, you should take her to a man of God who can pray for her, and the curse is destroyed.


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