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Question And Answer Session On Child Adoption

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Question And Answer Session On Child Adoption

admin February 22, 2021

Dear Aj,

My husband and I are born-again Christians and have been married for over thirteen years without fruit(s) of the womb coming into our home. This has brought untold suffering to me as I always take in and lose the pregnancies through miscarriages. It has been most trying as I have contemplated taking my life – a serious sin I immediately sought God’s forgiveness soon after the devil sold me the idea as a means of escape. Knowing that I’m over 40 years, my husband suggested we go for adoption of a male baby even though I still trust God to bless me with my own children in his appointed time. Thankfully enough, my husband would’ve gone ahead with the idea already sold to him by his people to marry a second wife but for the fact that he is a born-again Christian. Should I encourage him even when the adoption fee will knock us under the sea level financially?

We are both civil servants.



Obviously, you are having a second thought and doubting God in effect. My advice is simple, even as you are praying and believing God for His mercies and fruit of the womb and blessing(s), you should encourage your husband to join in adopting a child. You should count yourself lucky as he is the one suggesting adoption. Most men see adoption as a foreclosure of their ability to father their biological children and a sentence passed on them to eternal ridicule.



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