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Why Nobody Gives 100% These Days


Why Nobody Gives 100% These Days

admin June 21, 2021

I really don’t like mincing words when it comes to what I painstakingly took time to research about humans, their actions, and inactions.

Having the benefit of the experience of past generations, I make bold to state categorically that this generation seems to have more people who don’t care to give their hundred percent loyalty and care these days. People of generations back were more forthcoming with giving one another support in the form of love, financial help, care, and attention.

Coming from or living in a country like Nigeria has exposed the present generation to be people by self-centered people who are struggling to make ends meet.

To answer the question of why nobody gives their hundred percent these days, it is because everyone is in a season of the rat race. This has made it that every one of us living in Nigeria is facing one challenge or another that bothers on financial lack as a result of very poor managers of the economy.

As a result, no one wants to make a topic of their financial woes a topic for public discussion, but when you ask for help from these seemingly successful people, they will dissuade you from asking for their help as they too are going through heavy challenges


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