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You Won’t Believe Why People Hate You

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You Won’t Believe Why People Hate You

admin July 5, 2021

The word ‘hate’ is said to mean to dislike somebody very much. Such a strong emotion comes easy to people these days that while you are yet awake, someone is already filled in his/her bile with hatred for you.
That’s quite shocking. No wonder Ndi Igbo have a saying that goes thus: onye tetere ura okuko chuba ya oso, ya gbaba maka na onweghi onye ma n’okuko ahu opulu eze na abali.
A lot of things happen at the night. The night is too long and can be lonely sometimes. That notwithstanding, the above saying attests to the teaching to apply commonsense to this issue of hatred as vibes coming your way from people you have the remotest knowledge of when you offended them to the point of currying their anger and hatred.
People these days hate you because you smile. Yes, why would you be smiling when the economy is so ruined by the handlers of the Nigerian economy when you were supposed to be crying and bemoaning the state of the nation! Does it mean you are having enough or related to any of the economic oppressors to have warranted your ostrich smile of contentment in the midst of the economic crisis in Nigeria?
These hating hearts don’t care to know that you believe that your Redeemer lives and is capable of providing for you that when others are saying that there is casting down, you will be saying you are lifted up. (Job 22: 29)
I have seen people hating on someone simply because the person greeted them. They started raining abuse on the woman because she is well-dressed and cheerful. The late Princess Diana comes to mind here. But I want to declare to you that you will not die before your time as a result of the hatred of them sent by Satan to mock your God. Amen!
People hate you when they envy the good life God has blessed you with. Don’t even mind them – just look up to God to continue to shelter you from their hateful darts thrown your way.
Someone will just look at you and begin to hate you in his/her heart. The cold stares piercing into you will not kill you. All their hatefulness for you will cause them to lose their health.
That you are wiser and more intelligent than someone is not enough to earn you their hatred, but that is the reality here.
Someone who is hungry can run into you eating and start hating on you. It is no doing of your own that such a person is hungry. If they come to you asking for help to enable them to eat, if you can afford it, give them a helping hand.
Your beauty and position in life can attract hatred from people around you also.


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