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The Worst Form Of Love

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The Worst Form Of Love

admin August 7, 2021

Love is an emotion displayed rarely in our part of the world these days without the right hand seeing what the left hand has been up to. The worst form of love is such that it makes you hate the you in another person. Such a powerful force it hits you with that you begin to despise and graduate to hating someone for not bringing any harm your way.

And when you hate, you no longer love. That is how so many beautiful relationships and would-be relationships died natural deaths without one party aware of what brought about the coldness exhibited and launched at them by the other party.

This kind of love-hate and hate-love situation can be ameliorated in sensitive people, but, you see peeps that are insensitive, only heavens will save you from the brunt of their hatred. Sometimes, the reason why you’re being hated by someone who once loved you is as a result of what envious eyes and hearts must have gushed into their ears to ruin a relationship that would serve humanity for good. Too many normal-looking human beings are actually bitter and can’t live to see anybody around them display the strength and beauty of inner joy.

The worst form of love is seeing yourself in another – a friend, a relation, or colleague – and yet you can’t stop yourself from hating this person. Some people may isolate this love-hate thingy to be powered by envy, but it is more than that most times. Such a character would want to be seen as a popular person but doesn’t know how to pull it off as a popular guy. He sees it in this other person and starts copying his style of doing things, smiling, and dress sense. At some point, he gets frustrated and starts hating on someone he once loved and admired over what is purely a gift from God for the hated. Such an unfortunate place to find oneself you may say.

On another hand, it could be that there is a bad habit in you that you have found irksome and needed to have excised from your omnibus-carrier of flawed character traits. Then, this same ugly character of yours you found in another person pushed you into hating the you in another character. At this point, it mostly happens when you see what you dislike about yourself in this receiver of your anger and subsequent hatred. It takes longer for the recipient of your unfortunate character development to notice your anger and hatred towards him/her except when your paths cross on a daily.

Now, wait for this! This worst form of love in action has a good aspect to it. The beauty of this kind of love is such that if you truly want to develop yourself for good, it will help you drop the bad in you which you dislike in others. This way, you will end up building formidable relationships with the ones you found your flawed characteristics in them.


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