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Tough Luck-Tough Love Father/Son Relationship

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Tough Luck-Tough Love Father/Son Relationship

admin August 7, 2021

I’m not always comfortable whenever I see male friends, especially on social media gushing about their moms on their birthdays. Most times, I’ll be petty enough to go through their photos to see if I could FBI their fathers’ pictures on their birthdays in celebration of their big days. Always all the time I bothered, I ended up more worried and concerned about why sons hardly feel a thing or two for their fathers. Yes, I do not let the mother-nurture-nature as ingrained in mothers’ love for their sons get in my way in investigating this bothersome relationship between fathers and their sons. There are ways fathers can get even and be celebrated by their sons too.

I’ve been a son to my father and I’m now observing my relationship with my own sons to be sure that I’m not making any mistakes in my drive to build a great relationship with them. Fathers are always in a tough situation as made possible by Adam’s lack of proactive attention to Eve’s audacious forward communication with the Snake in the Garden of Eden. Lol! Adam displayed weakness in the name of loving his wife by accepting Eve’s prompting to take a bite of the apple when he was supposed to grab the apple out of her hand and smash it against the bark of some tree. Hence we are where we are today as men and fathers. Such a tough position a man finds himself in when it comes to raising sons that display such weakness like Adam did eons of years ago.

Men have such appalling pride in them that always make them see themselves as infallible in the eyes of the world. The worst-hit is the perfectionists among them. Whenever their sons go off-rail, a supposed loving father would wash his hands off his son as Pontius Pilate did over Jesus Christ.

In as much as your son has committed a huge sin, do not forsake him at such a time. E GET WHY!

Yes, that is the best time for both of you to bond and cement your relationship and ship it out of the tough-luck-tough-love lane especially when they are such blossoming teens.

Summon them into your room, sit them down and drill sense – wisdom – into them. Forget sentiments, whip up the Bible. Let them know that they made a mistake though, but which can always be corrected by God and not prefer to pretend righteousness like you were never a teen in your time with its appurtenances of filthy character baggage. Don’t pillory them to the point of having their conscience eat them up that they begin to avoid you completely and wouldn’t have the audacity and drive and push to involve you in their development. This is the stage good mothers come in to help build a perfect father-son relationship that increases the good fortune of the family. It benefits all that this father-son relationship is optimally enhanced by every member of the family.

You’ll realize albeit painfully that a son you truly love is no more your son because of the wrong approach to parenting. Such tough love!

Though, our world is fast changing for all the wrong reasons and coupled with the fact that our children are seemingly adamant about good parenting skills, as sensitive fathers, always leave room for good communication with your sons so that they can afford to divulge their challenges to you and in good time before such challenges eat them up.

Our society is already messed up already. Don’t add to its nightmares by being careless enough to leave the upbringing of your sons to your wife alone.

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