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How True Love Dies

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How True Love Dies

admin October 25, 2021


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There is a saying of my Igbo people in the southeast part of Nigeria that goes like this: “nee ghalu k’eji ebi ulo.” This means that the two persons in a relationship like that of marriage especially should learn to ignore the significant other’s weaknesses if they must last in love in that union.

The above assertion or principle has reduced so many people to broken vases that they keep dying in silence as no one believes their impression that all is not well with their marriages.

Such people keep suffering and dying in silence as no one likes washing their dirty linen in the market square these days.

This continues until one of the partners realizes that her significant other is the one that believes in the philosophy of nee ghalu and begins to take advantage of the other. He/she will stir the hornet’s bag and pretend-beg for forgiveness only for them to repeat such devastating behaviour over and over again.

One of the partners begs and pleads for the forgiveness of his/her weaknesses and once he/she is guaranteed forgiveness, he/she will refuse to forgive the other of their own weaknesses. This is pure cheating and evidence of cunning. It shouldn’t be found among spouses for whatever reason.

If your spouse pleads and gains your forgiveness, when it becomes their turn to plead to be forgiven, do not make it difficult for them. Learn to be magnanimous. Failure to be mature and wise in your handling of your spouse’s shortcomings takes you to the journey of no return which leads to the end of the road for the true love you once had and enjoyed.


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