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Why Caregiving Is The Most Important Aspect Of Love

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Why Caregiving Is The Most Important Aspect Of Love

admin November 1, 2021

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For the professionals in the health sector, some of them already live a caregiving life to their patients that require their professional training.

For the benefit of this article, caregiving here means a passion one already has – innate – to do good by other people who are in need. It also means showcasing the humanity in you for people who wouldn’t pay you a dime because you were good to them other than hearing them utter “thank you” from the bottom of their hearts which you’ll consider enough.

Why I insist that caregiving is the most important aspect of LOVE is such that it powers love. It nurtures and nourishes your love life for another. It drives away anger and hatred you may have nursed for someone close to you.

It demonstrates and allows you to keep the glow and fire of your love for your spouse burning.

It brings you closer to your spouse who you have come to see in his/her most vulnerable time by creating the platform for you and your spouse to keep getting closer when you have mastered the art of caring to know how your spouse’s day went.

In all, your spouse will love you the most when you make empathy your watchword in your relationship with them.

Caregiving does not begin and stop with preparing dishes and foods your husband provided. It drives you to see your spouse as yourself – in the sense that what you desire from your spouse should be initiated by you so that your spouse would be offered the opportunity to learn the best from you.

It smoothens the vehicle of emotional non-verbal and verbal communication. It oils the sexual life you share with your spouse and guarantees peace at home.

Caregiving feeds love non-stop and the basis of this, I charge you today to see this teaching as what Jesus Christ taught and meant with Peter here, “Feed my lambs!” in John 21: 15-17.

Therefore, your spouse is your number one among Christ’s lambs. This you’ll see when you begin to enjoy your otherwise previously aggressive and non-loving spouse when you must have put all these to practice.

Remain blessed!


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