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Know These And You’ll Know Peace

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Know These And You’ll Know Peace

admin March 26, 2022

Know These And You’ll Know Peace

1 Do you know that the higher you climb in life, your eyes see clearer and brighter?

Are you in doubt!

You remember that God took Moses to a mountain to see the Promised Land. No matter your level in life, always strive to climb a step on a daily in your quest to accomplish success in your chosen field of endeavour.


2 In this life, why you struggle is because of your lack of preparation. Therefore, prepare for the Future you desire. When you do that, and this future meets you, you’ll embrace it and begin to manifest your potential. This means you’ll do well when your future comes!


3 Protect the Future:

The future you cannot protect remains the future you cannot achieve. Joseph protected his future by saying “No” to Potiphar’s wife.




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