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Why I Hate My Wife

Divorce And Marriage Relationships

Why I Hate My Wife

admin May 30, 2022

A man has stoutly stated that he married his wife simply to bear children, because, all that his wife has ever done in his life is get him really angry.


He made it clear that he knows no real love from his wife of six years. Their lovemaking is perfunctory and devoid of expression of emotional love that is sustainable to any degree that pleases anybody from his parents to his siblings.


According to him, if not for the two beautiful children his annoying wife has birthed him and the one that is on the way – the wife is five months pregnant – he would have asked her to go back to her father’s house.


And I asked him a simple question. The question is this – how come you still go to this wife of yours you despise so much whenever you are horny?


He looked at me like I said an atrocious thing to him.


Well, my friend, know this and know peace. Women are pinched out of your ribcage to annoy you silly in life as you guys live together.


Once, you’ve learnt how to overlook a woman’s annoying behaviours and traits, you’d begin to enjoy this same woman, warts and all.


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