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Growing Incompatibility In Your Marriage: The Culprits

Divorce And Marriage Relationships

Growing Incompatibility In Your Marriage: The Culprits

admin February 13, 2023

For those married couples living in obodo oyibo, the above title ‘Growing Incompatibility’ comes fast to them and in understanding.

It defines the three letter phrase…”It’s all over”

As for us here in Africa, we’re beginning to catch up on this issue of life that is killing off most supposed working marriages with the term dropped on these failing marriages with Monday hammer.
It has become very unfortunate that couples these days tend to pretend that they have had enough of the shortcomings of their spouces all in the name of being woke. Wokeness is the only thing that is messing with the minds of married couples these days. They pretend they do not want to ride or die with partners whom they had sworn to do so on their wedding day. They want something off the scripts of Hollywood screen. They so much desire fantasy in place of reality.
No one wants to ensure that adequate communication skills are applied to issues affecting their marriage. Once they are done discussing with their lawyers who will now arm them with divorce papers as these lawyers need to feed their responsibilities at home, priests are no longer factored into helping couples iron out their differences, neither do these new generation couples want older couples anywhere near their ‘areas of conflicts’ in their marriages, marriages are beginning to collapse over littlest and flimsiest of issues and the world is moving on like it’s normal.
Once a woman or a man gets tired of the shenanigans of their spouces, they drop the bomb of ‘Growing Incompatibility’ on their spouces and call in the courts or the police to drive the man out of his home of many years simply because there may be a side cock or side chick out there using their sexual tools to confuse them to wreck their homes.
Growing Incompatibility can be taken care of if there is true love and loving people in the lives of couples who are having problems in their marriage.

This growing number of divorce cases that are hinged on growing Incompatibility has led to many untimely deaths. These couples end up ruining the lives of their children as they remain selfish and care not about the future of their children. Marriage is an institution that has been facing the worst of challenges on earth right from creation of this earth, but for it to excel, one has to remember what sacrifice is. Sacrifice does help calm the nerves, and knowing God help patch the cracks in your marriage.

Cheers 🙌


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