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Someone Very Harsh On You

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Someone Very Harsh On You

admin May 6, 2023

Life always throws incompatible people our way, even when such persons are family. Knowing that one cannot partake with God in making that all important decision as to where or which family to be born into, one will learn to accept and handle fate just like everyone does.
Who is this person you cannot ever forget how harsh he or she is/was to you while parenting you? Your father? Your mother? Older siblings too?
This same parent very harsh on you years back is now all calm and all loving to your children who happen to be their grand children.
It’s always shocking and almost annoying seeing such transformation in our parents.
Why did they change?
It’s nothing but living with the pressure of raising children in a fast changing world that offers despondency instead of assurances, and palliative to help make raising children easy on parents. Same pressure you’re undergoing right now raising your children who don’t seem to care what you’re going through.
And now, take a look at yourself as a parent. You’re under certain kind of pressure raising your children. I guess you do see yourself as a chip off old block! 😂


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